Face Off 2011 A Massive Success

Face Off 2011 A Massive Success

Barney wins Face Off 2011

Barney wins Face Off 2011

On Friday 2nd Sept 2011, MDA Promotions put on a fantastic night of darts at the Heritage Hotel in Derby, with some 450 darts fans joining the fun.

Four top professionals of the game were there to take on four local qualifiers – a battle of epic darting proportions.

Top darts MC Paul Booth introduced Colin Osborne, Ted Hankey, Gary Anderson, and Raymond van Barneveld to the lively audience, and tungsten war ensued.

In a little ‘Brucie bonus’, MDA promotions surprised the rapt audience with a guest professional, none other than 3 times world champion John Part.  A very lucky punter in the crowd won a auction to play John in a single leg of darts, and in fact gave him a good run for his money!

MDA sponsored PDC Professional Justin Pipe also made an appearance, showing the audience some of the tungsten magic he is becoming known for, beating fellow pro Matt Padgett 3-1, while averaging just over 101.

Results on the Night (averages in brackets)

Round 1:

Hextall 1 (79.09) Hankey 4 (82.09)
Barneveld 4 (93.09) Sudale 3 (89.99)
Anderson 4 (100.09) hibbert 0 (71.89)
Osborne 4 (94.09) smith 1 (80.08)

Semi Final:

Hankey 1 (81.09) Barneveld 4 (91.04)
Anderson 3 (97.09) Osborne 4 (96.75)


Barneveld 3 (93.78) Osborne 2 (91.67)

Bonus game

Pipe 3 (101.76) Padgett 1 (62.09) 

While the action never stopped on the main stage, the fans were also treated to many other PDC darts professionals arriving through the evening for a beer and a chat.  Players such as Mark Walsh, Richie Burnett, Adrian Grey, and Steve Maish freely mingled with the audience, all posing for photo’s and signing autographs.

The night was won by Raymond van Barneveld, who checked out a massive 170 in the final leg to beat local favourite Colin Osborne – a great night of darts which went down a storm with the fans, many came away with signed photo’s, autographs, and great memories of the night.

Click here for a gallery of images from the night.

Justin Pipe with fans

MDA Promotions sponsored Justin Pipe, mixing with many of the darts fans on the night

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