Phil Taylor Wins Armageddon 2012

The Worlds greatest player of all time rounded off one of the best exhibitions of 2012 when Phil Taylor beat MDA’s Justin Pipe in a close and good natured final.

Taylor, Pipe and Matt Ward

Taylor, Pipe and Matt Ward on stage after the final

The night was a massive success, with the 800+ darts fans enjoying nearly five hours of entertainment put on by Matt Ward and his team.  The atmosphere was as close to you could get to a big PDC tournament, with huge screens showing the action close up from the many cameras, and the big stage being lit up with a professional lighting rig.  See the gallery of the night here!

Wayne Mardle put on a show all on his own, keeping the crowd laughing in between throwing some quality darts, including a d10 d10 out shot when he left himself 40.

At times Phil Taylor was averaging 120 in his games, as he beat Eric Bristow in a small piece of history all in itself, then taking out Simon Whitlock, and finally winning the event with a win vs. a well supported Justin ‘the force’ Pipe.

Full Results (1 dart average in brackets)

1/4 finals

Taylor (34.55) 4 – 0  Bristow (21.39)

Whitlock (36.94) 4 – 1  Osborne (33.83)

Pipe (29.04) 4 – 0 Cousins (24.87)

Mardle (26.00) 4 – 1 George (22.93)


Taylor 4 – 38.13 Whitlock 2 – 35.41

Pipe 4 – 27.74 Mardle 1 28.22


Taylor (38.44) 3 – 2  Pipe (31.94)


Jim Walker (26.05) 3 – 1 Andy hibbert (24.83)

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