Team MDA at the Matchplay; Pipe Makes the 1/4 Finals

Dean Winstanley wins his first round Matchplay game

Dean Winstanley wins his first round Matchplay game against Gary Anderson (Pic Lustig/PDC)

Team MDA headed to Blackpool for the week, to take part in the PDC Betfair World Matchplay TV Tournament, which has some £400,000 in total  prize money to be won.

Both Dean Winstanley and Justin Pipe qualified for the prestigious darts tournament, which is shown live on Sky Sports 1.

Both players had a great tournament, with their personal targets met: Dean to win his first game in Blackpool, and Justin to go a round further than last year, when he reached round 2.

Round 1:
Dean Winstanley 13-11 Gary Anderson

Dean’s game with Anderson is hailed as the game of round 1 by the Sky Sports team, and his ‘blind’ bullseye to get back to 9-9 under great pressure has also been called ‘the greatest dart ever thrown’ in some quarters.  

Justin Pipe (95.15 ave) 10-4 Joe Cullen (92.91 ave)

Justin’s first round game is a very professional display, with the Sky comms team saying it was showing signs of Justin bringing his world class floor game to the TV.

Round 2:

Dean Winstanley (93.6 ave) 8-13 Ronnie Baxter (93.23 ave)

Unfortunately too many missed doubles cost Dean the game against the Rocket, as his scoring was his usual fantastic level, with 9x 180s in the game.

Justin Pipe 13-10 Wes Newton

 Justin Pipe is playing magnificently!  – Stuart Pyke commentating.

Justin Pipe wins his 2nd round match vs Wes Newton

Justin Pipe wins his 2nd round match vs Wes Newton (Pic Lustig/PDC)

In this return ‘grudge match’ between the two, it was Justin who won out against Wes Newton, in an amazing display of grit and bottle.  Wes hit a 9 darter to break Justin at one point, but The Force did not let that phase him, and he came back to take the game and go into his first TV 1/4 final.

1/4 Final:

Justin Pipe (91.47 ave) 11-16 Ronnie Baxter (97.05 ave)

Unfortunately playing late at night Thursday, only to start again at 1pm in the afternoon Friday was never going to see Justin playing his best – as he is exceptional in his preparation, and usually likes to get to bed early so he can go through his normal routines.  But it was the same for both players, and Ronnie was sharper on his doubles on the day.

Onwards and Upwards!

These great results will push both players up the rankings – Justin from 12th to 11th in the World, steadily pushing towards a top 10 spot, and Dean will move up from 68th before the event to somewhere around 57th (official OOM yet to be released).  Not bad for a player only 7 months into a two year rolling ranking table!

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